We're getting students charged up about their FUTURES and sparking interest in CAREER OPPORTUNITIES

  • *Manufacturing employs more than 114,000 people in the St. Louis metro area. Many of the people who hold those jobs are nearing retirement age, and manufacturers NEED qualified employees to take their places to meet the needs of the anticipated growth over the next decade.


  • *In fact, St. Louis manufacturers are expected to increase their workforce by nearly 16 percent, this year alone. Many of these jobs are entry-level positions that offer extremely competitive salaries. What are these employers looking for? Team players with the knowledge and skills to do the job.


  • *BotsSTL is project-based learning that encourages confidence, teamwork, problem solving and creativity while hitting on every aspect of STEM education. The best part: it’s backed by the experience and expertise of area manufacturers that partner with the student teams. These are the same manufacturers who know the job market and the skills they themselves are looking for in future  employees.


  • *The investment is small, the payout is invaluable. Schools are asked to field teams of 8-10 students that are committed to dedicating 2-4 hours a week to their BotsSTL project. BotsSTL teachers are asked to attend one 3-hour training to gain the knowledge to direct their team. At that training, teachers will receive the basic bots kit and be paired with their industry advisor.


  • *There are scholarships, internships, and career opportunities available in your area right now. Manufacturers are eager to engage with young people that have the skills necessary to meet today’s high-tech industry.


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